The De la Costa Journey

costa chips plantain chip products with a bowl of dip

The De la Costa Journey

De la Costa began in 2012, and our processes required a lot of research to offer something different in the market. That’s why we investigated the type of oil, frying time, draining, and slicing of the plantains. Thanks to all this research, we were able to bring the perfect product that is not only rich in flavor but also low in calories and gluten-free.

More about De la Costa
De la Costa has grown as a snacks company, where we now cure each slice with high-quality machinery to offer good quality. Our official opening of our plant in Comayagua was in January, where our guests could see our plant and where we could share our mission and vision, which is to create high-quality products and support our community.

At De la Costa, we are proud to be Honduran and we want when you buy De la Costa, not only to think of a high-quality and tasty product but also to support the neediest communities, as we donate our products to schools, churches, orphanages, and nursing homes.

We are pleased to announce that you can now find our products at Supermarket Finca el Carmen, located in the beautiful city of Comayagua. It is an honor for us to bring our coastal flavors to this vibrant and welcoming community.

Visit our stand at Supermarket Finca el Carmen and discover the authentic freshness and incomparable flavor of De la Costa! We are excited to share our history and our products with you!

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